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Chair's Welcome
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Introduction of Mechanics and Engineering Science

The Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science(MES) at Peking University originally took the form of the Peking University Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, which was founded by the famous scientist Peiyuan Zhou in 1952. The Department of Mathematics and Mechanics was the first department of Mechanics of New China.

In the past 62 years, more than 450 faculty and 100 post-doctoral fellows have worked in this department. In addition, over 3,200 undergraduate students, 820 graduate students, and 280 Ph.D. candidates (a grand total of over 4,300 people) have studied in this department. Excellent faculty is the basis for cultivating talented people. The department has a group of teachers who greatly valued teaching in fundamental sciences, rigorous scholarship, diligence and dedication.

"Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" is the unique major of the State Ministry of Education; "Elasticity" is the National Excellent Course. The Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science and the "State Key Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex systems" jointly promote the research of interdisciplinary frontiers.

We will maintain the excellent tradition of the PKU mechanics discipline. The department will further the construction of the “National Fundamental Mechanics Training Base" and the unique major, strengthen the research in theoretical, computational and experimental studies of turbulence, complex flows, complex mechanics of materials, complex systems and control, scientific and engineering computations, etc. We will also strengthen the research in aerospace-related fundamental theories and applications. The Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering will serve the nation and society with high level education and scientific research.


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