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COE undergraduate research unveils vortex-surface structures in highly-symmetric flows

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The COE undergraduate research on “Construction of initial vortex-surface fields and Clebsch potentials for flows with high-symmetry using first integrals” is published in the latest issue of the leading fluids journal Physics of Fluids [1].
The vortex-surface field (VSF) is a Lagrangian-based structure identification method [2], which has the potential to be a new diagnostic tool for the most challenging problems such as transition and turbulence in fluid dynamics. The present study unveils vortex-surface structures in typical highly-symmetric flows. This provides a series of theoretical solutions for the further extension of the VSF method in general flows. In particular, the exact VSF solution for the Kida-Pelz flow with the octahedral symmetry is obtained for the first time (see the figure below). In the derivation of solving the characteristic equation of vorticity, the annoying singularities in the solution were cleverly removed by using the product of six independent first integrals.


The corresponding author Yue Yang for this study is the tenure-track Assistant Professor, who joined COE in 2013. The first author Pengyu He (B.S. 2015) in the Engineering Structure Analysis major carried out this undergraduate research in Yang’s group during his senior year. He currently is the first-year graduate student in the Johns Hopkins University. This work has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Thousand Young Talents Program of China.
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