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Monograph titled “Particle Methods for Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics” by Professor Moubin Liu published at World Scientific

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In November 2015, a monograph titled “Particle Methods for Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics” authored by Professor Moubin Liu of the College of Engineering was published at the World Scientific Publishing Coporation (ISBN: 978-981-4571-69-2). 

As any material fundamentally consists of particles, it is natural and attractive to use particle-based methods to numerically simulate the behavior of either simple or complex systems. Particle methods have been regarded as the next generation of compuational methods and have advantages in modeling complex problems with multi-phase, multi-scale and multi-physics. 

The monograph “Particle Methods for Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics” systematically addresses some major particle methods for modeling multi-scale and multi-physical problems in engineering and sciences. It contains different particle methods from atomistic scales to continuum scales, with emphasis on molecular dynamics (MD), dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) and smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH).

This monograph covers the theoretical background, numerical techniques and many interesting applications of the particle methods discussed in this text, especially in micro-fluidics and bio-fluidics (e.g., micro drop dynamics, movement and suspension of macro-molecules, cell deformation and migration); environmental and geophysical flows (e.g., saturated and unsaturated flows in porous media and fractures); and free surface flows with possible interacting solid objects (e.g., wave impact, liquid sloshing, water entry and exit, oil spill and boom movement). The presented methodologies, techniques and example applications will benefit for students, researchers and professionals in computational engineering and sciences.

Professor Moubin Liu has been working on computational fluid and solid dyanmics and has conducted systematical studies on SPH and DPD in basic theory, numerical techniques and novel applications. Besides this new monograph, he already authored a book titled “Smoothed particle hydrodynamics: a meshfree particle method”, which was the first-ever book on SPH method. This book has ever been listed as a best-seller in engineering and science books at World Scientific and Amazon, with more than 500 SCI citations. 

Some works presented in this monograph have been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (10942004, 11172306, 11302237, 50976108, U1530110), Peking University, China State Key Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Systems and “Hundred-Talent Program” of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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