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International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion 2015 was held at College of Engineering

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The International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion 2015 (IWDP 2015) was held successfully in College of Engineering (COE) during August 26-29, organized by Center for Combustion and Propulsion in PKU, and sponsored by State Key Laboratory of Turbulence and Complex Systems, State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology, and Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science of COE. Jian-Ping Wang, Professor of Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science in COE and Director of Center for Combustion and Propulsion, chaired the opening ceremony, panel discussion and closing ceremony.

Detonation for propulsion is a new direction of power for aeronautics and astronautics and draws attention from many countries across the world. The International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion is an annual international workshop devoted to the discussion of the recent researches and developments of detonation for propulsion. The series have been held 5 times, Bourges and Pusan 2011, Tsukuba 2012, Tainan 2013 and Warsaw 2014.

On the opening ceremony, Professor Changgen Feng, Vice Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology, and Professor Dingguo Xia, Deputy Dean of COE, delivered their welcome messages, expressing the best wishes for IWDP 2015.

IWDP 2015 Group Photo

Topics of IWDP 2015 included new concepts in detonative propulsion from subcomponents to system levels, fundamental and practical researches on detonative propulsion, numerical and experimental techniques in detonative propulsion. 18 invited lectures were given, and over 50 researchers and experts from more than 20 organizations participated. The invited speakers included Oppenheim Prize Winner, Professor Piotr Wolanski from Warsaw University and Institute of Aviation of Poland, Dr. Sergey Frolov, Director of Combustion and Explosion Division, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Jiro Kasahara and Assistant Professor Ken Matsuoka from Nagoya University, Professor Takuma Endo from Hiroshima University, Professor Nobuyuki Tsuboi from Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan, Professor Ratiba Zitoun from Laboratory of Combustion and Detonation, ENSMA, CNRS and Poitiers University, Dr. Matthew Fotia from Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc., USA, Associate Professor Jiun-Ming Li from National University of Singapore, Associate Professor Ming-Hsun Wu from National Cheng Kung University, Professor Jeong-Yeol Choi, from Pusan National University, Professor Wei Fan and Longxi Zheng from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Professor Qixiang Han from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor Chen Wang from Beijing Institute of Technology, Associate Professor Zhiyong Lin from National University of Defense Technology, Dr. Qin Li, from China Aerodynamic Research and Development Center, and Professor Jian-Ping Wang from Peking University. The technical tour to laboratories in COE and State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science was organized for participants.

Professor Jian-Ping Wang at the opening ceremony

The participants evaluated that with the discussion and communication, the IWDP 2015 showed the current development of the detonation for propulsion in different countries comprehensively. The problems and challenges encountered by detonation for propulsion were summarized in detail. In addition, the IWDP 2015 specialized the key technology needed to overcome in the near future.

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