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Giving to MES

Giving to MES


  • Investing in the Brightest

Scholarships By funding a scholarship, you support the beneficiary students not only financially, but also intellectually and emotionally. With the generous gifts from a1umni and friends, now we can provide scholarships for 8.7% of the students and stipends for most of the students from poor families. However, those students only account for a very small portion of all the elite students.Currently,our scholarships and stipends funders include Guangjiong Zhou, Ren Wang , and Wan’s. We sincerely welcome more sponsors to extend the honor and support to more students at the mechanics.

Exxonmobil scholarship

Guangjiong Zhou

  • Sustaining the Excellence
Teaching Awards  To support higher education reform and development, social enterprises have been setting up teaching awards at the department to help improve the quality of teaching in specific fields. These teaching awards mainly target at teachers    of fundamental courses teaching for undergraduate students, but may also cover other disciplines and courses that are crucial in the eyes of sponsors.

Exxonmobil Supporting Education

Retired Faculty Exchange Endowment The Retired Faculty Exchange Endowment is designed to strengthen the academic exchanges between retired faculties, support them to participate in scientific research and publish monographs and teaching materials.

Chair Professorship Fund  Professorship Fund will support the ongoing research and attract more elites in the field of mechanics and engineering science to join in our department. The Fund will be named after the sponsor and we expect that there will be more outstanding Chair Professors.

The Young Faculty Excellence Endowment  The  Young  Faculty Excellence Endowment is designed to support the training of young generation of faculty with the outstanding capability and potential and reward the young faculty for their academic achievements and educational excellence. No endowment has been received for this specific use up to now.
  • Academic Exchange
“Dialogue Distinguished Alumni” is a symposium focuses on academic exchange, talent training and career development. The purpose of the symposium is to enhance the communication between the students and the alumni of our department. The “Dialogue Distinguished Alumni” symposium is scheduled to hold 6-8 times per year. We offer the naming rights.

Dialogue Elite

National Graduate Mechanics Forum This forum provides a platform for graduate students to exchange their latest research achievements in areas of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, dynamics and control. The aim of the forum is to enhance academic exchanges and talent training. We offer the naming rights.

National Graduate Mechanics Forum
Zhou Peiyuan Lecture  In order to inherit and carry forward the education thoughts and academic spirit of Mr Zhou Peiyuan, we establish this lecture and invite distinguished experts and scholars worldwide to give lectures on progress of frontier scientific issues. Zhou Peiyuan Lecture is held 1or 2 times a year.

Zhou Peiyuan Lecture

  • Laboratory Construction
Many excellent research laboratories have been established in the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, where a series of significant scientific achievements have been obtained. In order to improve the role of laboratories in teaching and research, we set up the Laboratory Construction Fund to support the construction and development of laboratories. We offer the naming rights. No endowment has been received for this specific use up to now.
  • Alumni Fund
The Alumni Fund of Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science is designed to promote the development of alumni career, improve alumni cohesion and strengthen exchanges between alumni. The fund is mainly used for activities and projects related to alumni.
  • Mechanics Development Fund
The Mechanics Development Fund will collect unrestricted gifts to meet the most pressing needs and guarantee the sustainable development of the department. The Fund is under the direct management of the Dean, which ensures the flexibility and enables the department to sustain its excellence in the changing world.


  • Annual Giving
In the form of annual giving, the donor can choose to make either one-time gifts or regular gifts for a period of successive years.
  • Endowment Gifts

The investment of endowment gifts is managed by the Peking University Education Foundation (PKUEF). The principal of the endowment would be preserved with only profits generated from investments used to fund programs, and part of the profits can also be added up to the principal to secure a long-lasting and increasing source of income.


For more information of giving, please contact:

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