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Introduction of Graduate Programs
Ph.D. and M.S. Programs
Graduate Course

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. is a five-year program designed for a career in basic research and teaching, and candidates are expected to demonstrate strong scholarly abilities and the capacity for independent thinking. Formally, a Ph.D. student must pass the General Examination, and submit an acceptable dissertation to the department.
In consultation with a faculty advisor, a Ph.D. candidate develops an integrated program of courses and research in preparation for the General Examination. Each candidate is expected to demonstrate competence in certain core subjects to the satisfaction of the department as a whole. The basic topics vary for individual programs, but must include applied mathematics and at least two areas of departmental/interdisciplinary concentration. In addition to writing a thesis, the Ph.D. candidates must earn a minimum of 45 approved credits and a graduate grade-point average of at least 3.0.
While the department encourages interdisciplinary research and education, it also recognizes the value of developing competency in a core disciplinary area. The PhD requirements are thus designed to provide students a deep education in a disciplinary area of the department while also requiring an area of breadth consistent with the student’s research interests and program of study. Entering students are thus expected to select one of the six departmental disciplines as their major area of study. A Ph.D. dissertation may be presented for official action only by students who have sustained the General Examination. The dissertation submitted to the Department and to the Graduate School must be a scholarly and coherent report of the work performed by the candidate, and must be written in English. The dissertation, which can only have a single author, must show the candidate's mastery of a defined field and demonstrate the capability for independent research. This research must disclose new principles or facts, enlarge or modify what was previously known, or present a significant new interpretation of the subject. In particular, the dissertation must clearly identify the significance of the results obtained, and must contain material of publishable quality. A simple gathering of previously published or co-authored papers does not constitute a Ph.D. dissertation and will not be accepted. Proper citations of joint work must always be given, and the specific contributions of the author of the dissertation must be clearly identified.

Master of Science (M.S.) Program
The Master of Science in Engineering Program is of three years duration and is designed for a career in industrial, non-government organizations, or government research and development. M.S. candidates are required to take at least 40 credits and a graduate grade-point average of at least 3.0 is required. A thesis is required of each Master's candidate and is the culmination of his/her program of research conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor.
After the research project is substantially completed, a draft of the thesis should be submitted to the student’s faculty advisor and at least one other reader selected by the advisor in consultation with the candidate. The reader should be chosen from the Peking University faculty, have expertise in the student's area of study, and hold the rank of assistant professor or higher.

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