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- New advances in the research on local mechanical properties of solid under electric and magnetic fields 2014/5/26

- A new progress made in wetting on micro-structured surfaces 2014/3/21

- Professor Shiyi Chen receives award on behalf of PKU from the Committee of 100 for contributions to Sino-US relations 2014/3/12

- Leg hairs hold secret to walking on water 2014/3/11

- Professor Zhongkui Li makes new advances in cooperative control of multi-agent systems 2014/1/14

- Prof. Shiyi Chen and Prof. Daining Fang elected member of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2013/12/22

- Prof. Faxin Li/Daining Fang's work selected as Featured Article by Applied Physics Letter 2013/12/4

- Professor Faxin Li’s group proposes a novel medical elastography method 2013/11/28

- Professor Lin Huang receives honor of the 3rd "Peking University Cai Yuanpei Award" 2013/9/15

- Professors Zhongkui Li and Zhisheng Duan won the prestigious IET Control Theory and Applications Premium Award 2013/9/12

- Professor Lin Huang elected as IFAC Fellow 2013/7/30

- LTCS organizes the Fifth International Symposium on Physics of Fluids 2013/6/27

- Alumnus Gengdong Cheng becomes the 8th winner of P. Y. Chou Prize for Mechanics 2013/6/8

- Professor Shiyi Chen's team made progress in the research of compressible turbulence 2013/3/27

- Dr. Zhongkui Li's paper won the 2012 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation 2013/3/24

- COE undertakes the 9th National P.Y. Chou Mechanics Competition (Beijing Zone) 2013/3/24

- Huiling Duan's research group fabricates a graphene-prototype for reliable nanoscale electrical characterization 2013/3/18

- Professor Shiyi Chen’s team made progress in the research of compressible turbulence 2013/2/27

- PKU’s mechanics discipline top-ranked by the MOE Assessment of 2012 2013/2/26

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