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- MES faculty members listed among the Highly Cited Scholars in China of 2015 2016/2/26

- MES research teams won the National Science and Technology Award 2016/2/26

- Prof. Zhongkui Li wins the 4th Yang Jiachi Science and Technology Award 2016/2/26

- Dr. Yunlong Huo win prizes in the 15th PKU Teaching Contest for Young Teachers 2016/1/5

- Monograph titled “Particle Methods for Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics” by Professor Moubin Liu published at World Scientific 2016/1/5

- Prof. Kefu Huang wins the "2015 Xu Zhilun Outstanding Teacher Award of Mechanics” from CSTAM 2016/1/5

- Prof. Huiling Duan’s and Prof. Anyuan Cao’s groups collaboratively make progress in carbon nanotube sponge electrocapillary imbibers 2016/1/5

- Prof. Faxin Li wins Science and Technology Award for Youth in Mechanics 2016/1/5

- International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion 2015 was held at College of Engineering 2016/1/5

- A new finding in PM2.5 airborne pollutants through nanoscale characterization 2016/1/5

- Professor Faxin Li’ group makes progress in the research of electromechanical impedance method 2016/1/5

- Fellow Alumnus Quan Wang is elected Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

- Prof. Zhongkui Li wins the 4th Yang Jiachi Science and Technology Award 2016/1/4

- Jianjun Tao’s Group makes progress on the study of the subcritical transition in plane-Poiseuille flow 2015/5/5

- Professor Zhensu She elected as APS Fellow 2014/10/28

- COE holds a meeting for development strategy 2014/10/23

- Yue Yang bestowed upon Qiu Shi 2014 Outstanding Young Scholar Award 2014/9/18

- Alumnus Xiang Yang makes Jacobi method work up to 200 times faster 2014/7/8

- Professor Huiling Duan's group makes progress in the research of nanofluidic control by nanoporous material 2014/7/3

- COE alumnus Huiming Yin wins NSF Career Award 2014/6/9

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